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SYNC – Salish Youth Network Collaborative

Salish Behavioral Health-Administrative Services Organization (SBH-ASO) is excited to be one of the regions launching the program in 2023. The Salish Regional Behavioral Health Navigation team has been named SYNC – Salish Youth Network Collaborative. Our focus will be on ensuring that through collaboration with all community partners we are able to support the families and those within our region in gaining access to services.

SYNC is designed to support each region in:

  1. Creating community wide teams that convene to support youth and families in their regions.
  2. Building an access portal for individuals concerned about a youth to reach out and request support.
  3. Convene multi system disciplinary team, pulling partners from the community wide team who have potential assets that can support the youth and family in accessing services, and/or to develop a plan of stability while the resource options get worked out. Requests for support for young people needing intensive services will be prioritized by the SYNC team.

SYNC Service Areas