Informing Families: A Resource Provided by WA State Developmental Disabilities Council

  • WHAT: The Informing Families website provides information on many topics such as Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) eligibility, and applications, supports in every stage of life, waivers at a glance and much more.
  • WHO/WHEN/WHERE: Anyone may read the content and view the videos at anytime online.
  • HOW: There is a new Accessibility Feature called ReciteMe that allows people to customize their settings. Click on the floating blue button that says “Accessibility Tools” on the upper right side of the website page to:
    • Change font size
    • Translate content into 20+ languages
    • Have content read aloud, and more


  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Informing Families Building Trust YouTube channel is sharing more than 100 videos providing information for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families living in Washington State.